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Resident Unit

resident unit

The Staff Call Resident Station provides a unified communications solution that interfaces with a PBX to provide the features and functions of staff call, security, wireless, and telephone services in one comprehensive package.

The VS-600 station enhances state of the art IP and traditional telephone systems with a wide variety of call points to provide effective communications and prompt staff response in health care facilities, assisted living facilities, and independent living communities. All of a facility's administrative, external, and internal communication needs are encompassed in one application.

The Resident Station offers sophisticated staff call features that include:

Calls routed to these devices have roll over capability and built-in call escalation to ensure no call goes unanswered.

For absolute security, Resident Units are fully supervised with fault and line detection as well as low battery notification.

How it Works

A resident places a call on a Resident Unit. The call is routed to a PBX extension or group of extensions. The staff member's telephone programmed to receive the call displays the room number and type of call-in device, such as a pendant or call cord, which has been programmed with a specific priority level.