School, Nurse Call & Security Intercom Systems

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VS-Care offers a wide range of peripheral devices that work together to provide total in-room monitoring. Devices can be individually programmed and call points can be assigned to different priority levels to meet the needs of a particular resident.

call cord

The traditional Call Cord plugs into the Resident Unit, providing the convenience of being able to initiate a call remotely from a bedside.


The Wired Pull Cord provides call capabilities from resident bathrooms and showers to instantly alert staff of critical situations.

wired pull cord

A Wireless Pull Cord offers residents the flexibility of being able to reposition it anywhere in the room based on the placement of furniture.


A Wireless Pendant provides enhanced security. It is worn by residents to allow them to move freely about the room and place calls without having to be near a Resident Unit.

dome light

A Dome Light provides visual signals to nearby staff of calls originating from rooms. Its different colored lamps and lighting patterns help to identify the call-in device, which has a designated priority level.