School, Nurse Call & Security Intercom Systems

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The VS-Care Resident Unit supports full-duplex audio quality communication. Direct PBX connectivity is provided for in-building wireless phones, pocket pagers, PSTN phones, cellular phones and PDA’s. Calls routed to these devices have roll over capability and built-in call escalation to ensure no call goes unanswered. For absolute security, Resident Units are fully supervised with fault and line detection as well as low battery notification.

The VS-Care Integrated Communications Solution

Traditional solutions have one system for staff, another for wireless communication, another for reporting and invoicing, and yet another for local and long-distance telephone services.

VS-Care is a revolutionary PBX-based staff call system that integrates them all into one unique communications package.

What Residents Look For & How VS-Care Fits In

There are many things that have to be considered when choosing an Assisted Living Facility or Retirement Community. The initial appearance and a friendly staff are very important. People also consider other things including personal services and activities available, the ratio of staff to residents, and how easily staff members can be contacted in case of an emergency.

The VS-Care System enables easy and fast communication between residents and staff, and greatly enhances the amenities of any assisted living facility or retirement community. Residents can get their daily menu, review daily activities, and have increased security and safety within their residence. Both the residents and their families can be assured of prompt staff notification and response in the event of an emergency.