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multi channel

By utilizing Ethernet as the network backbone, the number of network audio channels in a distributed network of T3-SC systems is only limited by the bandwidth of the Ethernet network.

It is used on the T3-SC multi channel network is used in applications where more than a single channel of voice communications is required between systems on the T3-SC Network.

In this way, any Console can utilize an available audio channel to access the intercom stations or paging speakers of other T3-SC Systems. Intercom conversations or paging announcements, or a combination of both, can take place simultaneously over the T3-SC network.

Muli Channel Intercom

The T3 Intercom System is able to provide from two to eight intercom audio channels to the same pool of rooms. Multiple audio channels allow different Consoles to conduct Simultaneous Intercom Communication to the same group of rooms, thereby giving an area the ability to support higher call traffic.

With Multi-channel Intercom Communication, the audio network between the T3-SC Controllers is not utilized, which therefore remains free strictly for T3-SC network use.

Because Multi-channel Intercom Communication is based on a distributed architecture (multiple controllers), it also provides the benefit of Redundancy. A single Controller or Console failure will not isolate rooms from other Controllers or Consoles, eliminating the single point of failure common with centralized intercom systems.