School, Nurse Call & Security Intercom Systems

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The T3-SC was designed with special consideration given to integration with third-party systems. Integration allows remote Computer Touch Screens or custom Graphic Panels to execute T3-SC functions, or for the T3-SC to control other systems, such as CCTV, Environmental and Door Controls.

The revolutionary protocol used by the T3-SC is adaptable and allows integration to be achieved without any complex programming. The T3-SC is able to receive and accept serial messages in the proprietary format of the third-party PLC system, while in turn messages sent by the T3-SC can be easily modified to suit the third-party system protocol.

An example of functional integration is for the T3-SC to send a serial message to a PLC, instructing it to turn on a CCTV camera when a call-in is initiated from a room.

T3 Integration