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The MCC-450 is a microprocessor-based desktop console that provides communications and control of the T3-SC Security Communication System. Designed as a traditional telephone style control console, MCC-450 Consolethe MCC-450 includes a handset, microphone, speaker, backlit LCD display, and keypad controls. The MCC-450T model includes all the same features as the MCC-450, and can also function as a telephone when a T3-SC System is integrated with a facility's KSU/PBX.

The MCC-450(T) includes a 8 line x 24 character LCD Backlit Display that shows applicable Menus to aid in call processing and system functioning. The Menu that the MCC-450(T) displays depends on the function being carried out. For example, when a MCC-450 is connected with an Intercom Station, the TALK Menu appears, displaying the Intercom Station description, any calls on hold or in the call-in queue, and the length of the current call.


MCC-PA-MA Gooseneck

The T3 Virtual Master Control Console (MCC-VC) includes the audio and control circuitry required to conduct two-way communications from a custom-designed Console Panel. The MCC-VC provides termination facilities for the connection of the external components required to create a functional Console.

External components are incorporated into the custom-designed Console Panel and include a microphone, speaker, volume control for listen audio, volume control for tone audio, audio control switches (PTT and Cancel), associated 5V lamps for the audio control switches, and a handset and cradle assembly. In addition, the MCC-VC provides inputs for two user-defined switches. The loudspeaker and tone volume is capable of having its volume digitally adjusted with two push-button switches (increase and decrease).



The Master Control Console Selector Panel (MCC-SP-C) is designed for use with the T3 Security Communication System to control communications of up to 25 Intercom Stations.

The MCC-SP-C is equipped with 29 pushbutton switches, 25 of which are designed to control functions with 25 corresponding Intercom Stations. Each Intercom Station switch can answer a call-in, place a call and end a call. A "shift" switch on the MCC-SP-C allows each Intercom Station switch to execute an alternative function, such as turning on a camera or activating a door release. The MCC-SP-C also includes three auxiliary switches that are custom-programmable for the end-user's preference. They are useful for executing other T3 System functions, such as putting a call on hold, transmitting an all-call page, or conducting a sequential listen of Intercom Stations.



The Panel Master Control Console (MCC-PL) provides the means to conduct communications in the T3 Security Communication System from a standard 19" rack-mount panel. The MCC-PL-GM includes all the same features of the MCC-PL, except that intercom talk and paging is conducted from a gooseneck microphone instead of a panel-mounted microphone.

The MCC-PL-(GM) operates in conjunction with Telecor MCC-SP-C Selector Panels, as well as with third-party Graphic Panels and Touch Screens. Locations with which voice communications are to be conducted are selected on the Selector Panel, Graphic Panel or Touch Screen. The operator establishes voice communications with that location and communicates using the MCC-PL's microphone and loudspeaker. In the event of a Touch Screen failure, the operator is able to continue to answer incoming calls from intercom stations using the MCC-PL-(GM).

Please note: this product has been discontinued and only repair service is available for this product.