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T3-SC Communication System

correctional jail

The Telecor T3-SC Security Communication System is a comprehensive intercom, paging and control system that offers flexible and powerful voice communications for security and correctional facilities.

With its advanced technology and flexible design, the T3-SC is capable of accommodating the unique needs required of individual facilities, from large correctional centers with thousands of cells to smaller facilities such as jails, detention centers, and courthouses.

At the heart of the system is the T3-SC Controller, which supports various Consoles for communications and control, and a range of Termination Board Units for the connection of field devices, such as intercom and paging speakers, dry contact devices, contact switches, LEDs and Lamps.

t3controlcenter touchscreen ams

Stand-Alone Operation

The T3-SC is an intelligent, fully-operational communication system that does not require an external control system, such as a PLC or PC, to handle any communication functions, including annunciating call-ins, sounding tones, managing communications hardware or tracking call status. Having the intelligence to manage its own communication functions relieves the integrator of complex and time-consuming programming.

Distributed Architecture

Device Termination Boards can be installed in a traditional head-end rack or remotely distributed throughout secure areas in the facility closer to the field devices. A distributed architecture of Termination Boards can be up to 3000 feet in length and achieves significant cost savings through reduced home run wiring, cabling and conduit sizing.

Integrating the AMS with the T3-SC

The T3-SC can be integrated with Telecor’s AMS Audio Monitoring System. The AMS system utilizes intercom speakers as sensing devices to monitor locations for screams or loud noises. In the event that a noise exceeds preset parameters, a call is initiated to the control center. System features are enhanced with voice paging, which provides information, direction, and assistance on an area-wide basis.