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Nurse Courier 3 Editor is a Windows® software application that is used to configure the Nurse Courier 3 Communications System. It provides the tools for setting up a facility according to a user's unique requirements and preferences.

User-friendly Wizards


Whether for the novice or advanced user, Wizards provide a practical step-by-step guide for setting up a facility. To configure a specific component, just run the respective Wizard.

Wizards are used to configure such things as Room Types, Areas, Zones, Consoles, Rooms, and more.

Comprehensive Tables

Information supplied in the Wizards can be viewed and modified in the Tables, which consist of drop-down menus and text boxes. Simply type in information or select from the options provided. Advanced users can configure an entire facility using the table interface.

configure area
configure room

Graphical View

Load a graphic of a facility onto the PC screen and place Controllers, Station Termination Units, and Consoles alongside the graphic to reflect the actual setup of the facility. Quickly view details at a given location to verify your configuration. Go over hardware components to determine the most cost-effective wiring method.

graphical view

Hardware View

View a list of all the equipment that's needed to support your configuration. Use the list for quoting prices and purchasing equipment.

Hardware Reporting

View or print out a detailed report of the installation in HTML format. The report contains system installer worksheets for major hardware components.

Remote Settings

Change the communication settings of a Controller by configuring it from your PC.


A configuration can be uploaded to a system, or simultaneously to all systems on a network.