School, Nurse Call & Security Intercom Systems

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Digital Message Display


The Telecor Digital Message Display integrates the Nurse Courier 3 System with Pro-Lite TruColorIIā„¢ marquee displays. It can be used in conjunction with the Telecor Digital Display Station to indicate call-ins in areas that do not have or require consoles, such as lounges, cafeterias or other general staff areas.

It monitors the Nurse Courier 3 system for call activity and shows active call information on the marquee displays in real time, providing staff with highly-visible call-in notification. The marquee displays can be distributed throughout the facility and connect to the facility's LAN using 3rd Party Serial to Ethernet adapters.

Active calls are scrolled on the displays in order of priority. Different call types can be represented in varying colors, making priority calls easily distinguishable from other calls. When there are no active calls, each display can show a user-defined description for the display (such as the location) as well as the current date and time.