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Product Announcement: Telecor Launches eSeries


Telecor is excited to announce the release of our NEW eSeries Intercom and Paging System. This truly unique product uses Ethernet technology, passing power and data, over a facilities Ethernet network, ensuring simplified network planning and easy installation. The simplicity of Telecor’s Just Plug-It-In!™ design means that the eSeries does not require any network configuration or administration, eliminating IP address and DHCP server requirements. Decentralized network structure means no head end, central server, or controller equipment is required. Each eSeries device automatically searches the local area network, finding other eSeries components and configures them automatically for immediate operation.

The system comprises of Intercom Stations, Speakers, Consoles, Amplifiers, and Digital Clocks, on a single common platform, providing the flexibility and scalability to meet almost any facility needs.

eSeries network

To learn more about eSeries please visit Technical manuals and datasheets and other supporting material can be downloaded from Dealer Access. If you do not have an account please request a password here.