School, Nurse Call & Security Intercom Systems

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Telecor manufactures a high-performance communications package that interfaces separate communication subsystems into a cost-effective and comprehensive network.

Educational communication systems, specifically designed for school applications, include unique features that are used in the daily operation of educational facilities.

Telecor II and XL Systems

Telecor II/XL systems provide centralized control for a broad range of functions including:

Utilizing an easy-to-use desktop instrument, communication between administrative staff and classrooms is quickly established. Teachers can quickly initiate a call to the office in the event of an urgent situation in a classroom with a single touch of button. Telecor II and XL systems employ microprocessor based technology to establish direct communication between any remote station and desktop instrument.

Mass Notification

Paging and Intercom Systems quickly and reliably provide the ability to deliver Emergency Messages to an entire school district. Telecor provides the ability to integrate the existing communications systems in your schools to provide a comprehensive District Wide Solution.