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Just Plug It In
The Telecor eSeries uses Ethernet technology, Just-Plug-It-In!™ design, Power over Ethernet and a decentralized network structure to ensure easy wiring and simplified network planning. The use of Ethernet technology allows eSeries devices to be simply plugged into a PoE network switch to get power, and transmit and receive data to be immediately functional. For example, eStations can straight away place call-in and receive pages, e300 Consoles can receive call-ins, make pages, and call other consoles, and eAmps can make and receive pages and play digital audio files, as soon as they are connected to the network.

Networking Made Easy

The simplicity of Telecor's Just-Plug-It-In!™ design means the eSeries does not require any network configuration or administration, eliminating IP address and DHCP server requirements. The decentralized network structure means no head end, central server or controller equipment is required. Each eSeries device automatically searches the local area network, finding other eSeries components and configures themselves automatically for immediate operation. The Just-Plug-It-In!™ design allows for rapid deployment of an eSeries network.

HD Audio

The eSeries technology provides extremely low-latency audio (<0.1s) for exceptional performance during paging and live audio playback. It also provides extremely fast all station audio connect times when performing all-call pages throughout the network (<0.01s). Speech is transmitted in crystal clear HD Audio; in the frequency range from 50 Hz to 7 kHz while using only 128 kbps of bandwidth during a page. Audio between stations and consoles is non-blocking, allowing a virtually unlimited number of audio channels across the LAN and reducing or eliminating busy signals.

Customizable eDevices

All eSeries devices can be further configured to suit the building application. A management port interface (PORT) provides a USB to Ethernet connection specifically to support the configuration of an eSeries device, or it can be used to download (and upload) all device programming simultaneously into a spreadsheet application (such as Excel®) for editing. The ePORT also enables simultaneous mass-upgrading of device firmware across the LAN.

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