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eLicense Units

Each eSeries installation requires a number of Site License Units which depend on the type and quantity of eSeries devices being used. All eSeries systems are automatically licensed until the eSeries network reaches 100 license units. Once the initial quantity of 100 license units are consumed, additional license units are required to be purchased. It is easy to determine if any system requires more license units. License units are accumulated as per the chart below.


For example a site with 50 eSTNs or eS8s, and 3 eAMPs, and 1 e300 would require 85 license units which would be automatically included in any eSeries purchase; in this case no Site Expansion License units would be required. A site with 90 eSTN or eS8s, 4 eAMPs, and 2 e300s would require 140 license units. A 50 license unit bundle (eSEL-50) would have to be purchased.

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