School, Nurse Call & Security Intercom Systems

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Administrative Console Just Plug It In HD Audio


The eSeries Administrative Console is a PoE (Power over Ethernet) Master Station used to initiate paging announcements and audio program distributions or easily establish two-way voice intercom with any other eSeries Console, Ceiling Speaker, or Wall Station. The display shows information about incoming or outgoing calls. The user has a choice of going hands-free with the built-in microphone/loudspeaker or having a private conversation by picking up the handset. Feature keys make it simple for users to scroll through a list of incoming calls, select a public address zone to make an announcement, or select a source for audio distribution to specific locations.

Learn more about the Administrative Console.

Desk Microphone


The eSeries Desk Microphone is a great addition to the Administrative Console. It provides rugged two-way voice communication to eStations using a high quality gooseneck microphone/loudspeaker. A push-to-talk switch provides positive control of speech direction. A ring light activates to provide clear indication of live microphone status and waiting calls. The unit can also initiate public address announcements. The Microphone Console connects directly to the eSeries Administrative Console.

Learn more about the Desk Microphone.