School, Nurse Call & Security Intercom Systems

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eSTN-0 Zero Button Station

Zero eStation

Speaker Only Stations have no call-in capabilities and are designed to be used where the only requirement is to receive live or digitally stored announcements, audio programs, and two-way intercom communications originating from a Master Station.

eSTN-1 One Button Station

one button eStation

The Single Button Speaker Station features a programmable call switch for calling another station or an eSeries Administrative Console.

eSTN-2 Two Button Station

two button estation

The Two Button Speaker Station can be used when a simple Master Station is required. The station can receive calls from other stations and is equipped with a Push-to-Talk button and a separate Cancel button. Two Button Stations can also be configured for paging, allowing them to initiate a public address announcement to other stations and loudspeakers.

eSTN-3 Three Button Station

three button estation

The Three Button Speaker Station combines the call capability of the Single Button Speaker Station and the Master Station function of the Two Button Speaker Station.

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