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eLicense Units


Telecor offers Site Expansion License Packs at various levels to suite any size facility. If the site is expected to expand, it might be more economical to purchase a Site Expansion Pack that is larger than the current requirements. The table below lists the various Site Expansion License bundles.


For sites that inadvertently grow beyond a license limit, all eSeries devices will continue to process activity normally. However when idle, stations and consoles will periodically sound a tone to indicate that an additional eSEL-X pack needs to be added to the network. When eSEL license packs are required to expand beyond the 100 license limit, an ePORT or an eLOG unit must be connected to the system to host the licenses on the network. Telecor can pre-install the eSEL-X packs onto an ePORT or eLOG and the unit can simply be plugged into the network.


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