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Controlled Discussion System


The Telecor Controlled Discussion System provides an economic solution for settings where a small number of delegates are involved, yet is easily scalable to accommodate the larger conferences of up to 120 delegates. Ideal for either formal or informal gatherings, the CDS provides effective communications management for boardrooms, council chambers, municipal offices, local and central government facilities, hotels, and conference centers.

Audio Conferencing Solutions for Every Setting

Telecor provides a variety of unit controllers and extenders depending on the number of floor units required. With digital control of the floor units, a variety of operation configurations are available.

For informal gatherings, a very basic "open" configuration may be used, in which all delegates can gain access to the floor to speak.

For a more structured meeting environment, a limitation to the number of active microphones may be specified. This allows for a controlled configuration where the system maintains all requests-to-speak in queue, which is based on chronological order as well as by priority status assigned to each Floor Unit.