School, Nurse Call & Security Intercom Systems

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DWP is flexible enough to fit the individual needs of each school district or campus, and as well as the capacity for district-wide administration.

The system utilizes IP Network Protocol to broadcast all messages through the school's LAN/WAN. Messages can be pre-recorded to provide a planned response to a specific situation, or they can be broadcast live to address unique or changing situations. DWP also has the ability to broadcast to one, several, or all facilities at any time.

The Graphical User Interface runs on Windows® and can be customized for your district. A geographical representation indicating the location of each facility can be displayed using an uploaded background map of the area.

Network connections and the status of each school’s P.A. system are fully monitored. DWP constantly probes each location of its status to ensure that all selected schools have received the notification. Status indicators for each school will display any communication failures.