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Wireless Analog Clocks

wireless analog clock

Wireless Analog Secondary Clocks utilize innovative technology that allows each clock to receive and re-transmit the correction signal to adjacent clocks. The 2490 Series works in conjunction with a Telecor 2400 or a Telecor II or XL microprocessor-based Administrative Communication System, which provides the time base. The correction signal is transmitted to the clocks by the Telecor 2490-TCR Clock Controller /Transceiver.

Because each clock in the 2490 Series functions as a receiver/transmitter, clock locations throughout a facility are not limited to the distance or signal path between the Transceiver and clocks. The innovative 915-928 MHz frequency-hopping technology allows for a better and clearer signal, even if there is interference in one of the frequencies. The clocks include automatic calibration as well as diagnostic functionality that allows the user to check the quality of the signal, when the clock last received a signal, and to perform a comprehensive analysis of the clock itself.