School, Nurse Call & Security Intercom Systems

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Assisted Living

assisted living

Telecor’s VS-Care solution provides communications systems for healthcare facilities, including:


The integrates with the facility's telephone system (PBX) to provide features and functions of staff call, security, wireless, and telephone services in one communications package.

VS Care supports voice communications providing 2-way audio between the resident and the staff for instant response to the resident needs. Direct PBX connectivity allows the facility to utilize in-building wireless phones, pocket pages, and cellular phones as part of the solution. Calls routed to these devices have roll over capability and built–in call escalation to ensure that no call goes unanswered.

Multiple call points incorporated into the system provide the ability for the resident to initiate calls from a variety of devices, including wired and wireless bath stations, as well as wireless pendants. Additional features include Menu and Activity buttons allowing residents to obtain information on kitchen menu, as well as review daily activities, while eliminating time consuming calls to staff.

Please visit Healthcare solutions to learn more about the Nurse Courier 3 Communications System, now ETL Listed to UL 1069, for a broader application pool including general and critical areas in hospitals.