School, Nurse Call & Security Intercom Systems

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Unit Controller

The Unit Controller manages all conference proceedings. Operating parameters are programmed into the Controller using the 2-line x 20 character LCD and four front-panel pushbuttons. Settings such as the number of live microphones, priority, and volume levels are digitally adjusted from menu-driven front panel controls. Built-in memory allows up to 6 different session configurations to be saved and recalled at any time.


The CDS also allows for the addition of an Expansion Controller, increasing the capacity to 120 Floor Units.

Feedback Suppressor


The Controller has a built-in Feedback Suppressor - a Telecor exclusive. In the event that the output level is too high for the acoustical environment, the Controller can sense runaway feedback and will automatically lower the gain below the feedback threshold.



A High/Low shelving type equalizer provides up to 10 dB of boost or cut.

LCD Screen and Speaker


Audio levels may be monitored visually on the LCD screen and aurally through the built-in monitor speaker.

Daisy-chain Set-up

SDS set-up is simple. Floor Units are connected in a "daisy-chain" style, connecting one unit to the next. A Unit Controller is connected to the arrangement and the system is ready to use.

Camera Control

The CDS can be integrated with third-party control systems through the Controller's built-in RS232 port. The Controller provides the station address of the active microphone and this information enables the control system to manage video equipment. This makes it possible to display the image of the participants onto television monitors, projector screens, or other video mediums.