School, Nurse Call & Security Intercom Systems

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Floor Units


Portable Floor Units, available in Delegate and Chairman models, provide participants with the ability to register a request-to-speak, to listen, and to speak to other delegates. The Chairman Unit has a mute button that allows its speaker to interrupt a discussion at any time while muting all other active microphones.

flush controller

Floor Units are also available in Flush Mount versions for permanent installations where portability is not required. Flush mounted versions are available as modular components to provide the greatest flexibility for customized solutions.

Units comprise a remote loudspeaker panel and a microphone with either panel-mounted delegate or chairman controls, all connected to a remote module.


The Floor Unit loudspeaker is advantageously positioned so as to provide its listener with direct sound and enhanced audio quality.

On Axis


The Floor Unit loudspeakers are positioned "on axis" with the listener's ears, providing exceptional sound reproduction, intelligibility, and gain.

Off Axis


Many traditional Floor Units orient the speakers vertically or "off axis" to a listener's ears. This results in lower relative audio levels for listeners while increasing the risk of feedback.