School, Nurse Call & Security Intercom Systems


Sophisticated Communications Systems designed specifically for the Educational, Healthcare, and Security/Correctional marketplaces; intended for design, installation, programming, and service by Telecor factory trained Dealers. Engineered Sound usually involves Architects and Engineers in a design, bid, and supply process that often involve General Contractors and Telecor Dealers as subcontractors. Telecor Engineered Sound Products focus specifically on Paging, Intercom, and Clock Distribution Systems.

Easy to install and configure communication systems designed for broad building communication requirements. These systems are generally available for purchase (via Telecor’s Web Store) to independent contractors, building managers and maintenance personnel, without requiring Telecor Dealer representation or factory training. Telecor Commercial Sound Products focus on Boardroom Conference Systems, Language Distribution Systems (Simultaneous Interpretation), and Power over Ethernet (PoE) Distributed Clock, Intercom, and Paging Systems.